Traditional home decor trends set to surge as UK houses are remodelled

Home decor trends are set to boom as the UK is remodelled in an attempt to prevent an economic downturn, a survey has shown.

Research by Nielsen, which is based in the US, found that 80% of the UK population were willing to invest up to £25,000 to buy traditional homes that would look like they had been bought decades ago.

While that’s down from 77% last year, it was higher than the 70% who were willing last year.

There was a 50% increase in people willing to buy a house with a wooden floor, compared to last year when only 45% said they would.

The survey also found that 63% of those who said they were interested in buying traditional homes are planning to renovate the house.

And a further 40% of people said they planned to remodel their own home in the future.

But that would only cover the average buyer who would buy a home that would not require a significant investment.

And the majority of the homes that were considered ‘traditional’ last year were already being renovated.

This year, Nielsen found that the proportion of people who would consider buying a traditional home has jumped from 38% to 58%.

In other words, more people are now willing to spend money on a home in order to look like it has been bought.

The Nielsen survey also revealed that many people are being forced to consider renovations when looking for a new home.

In particular, the survey found that 76% of consumers are considering renovating a home they already own.

This is up from 78% last December.

The new trend of the past year will see more and more people trying to sell their home for a profit.