What’s it like to own the ‘Bebe home’ on ‘The View’

Fox News host and ‘The Daily Show’ contributor and former ‘The Apprentice’ host Jon Stewart was on The View this morning to discuss his love for the home of “The Bachelor” contestant Bebe Holcomb.

During a segment titled “The Bebe Home,” Stewart revealed that his daughter Bebe is his “little brother” on the show.

“I’ve got two little brothers, Bebe and James, so they’re really like my little brothers,” Stewart said.

“They’re my best friends.

I have three little sisters and my dad is my uncle.””

My dad and my mom have this beautiful house,” Stewart added.

“My mom and my sister, who I call my aunt, she owns the house, and my uncle is her best friend.”

Stewart, who is a regular guest on the network, revealed that the home was a gift from his mother to him after she passed away in 2013.

“She passed away from cancer, and I think she was trying to help me understand what was going on with me, and her death kind of opened my eyes,” he said.

The Bebes home is now home to Stewart’s mother and sister, as well as Stewart’s grandmother, aunt, and aunts.

Stewart said that his mother and grandmother are “the nicest people ever,” but he has “no idea” what his grandmother’s secret to life is.

“I think that the most amazing thing is that my mom and grandma, who are such nice people, don’t know that they’re my grandparents, because they don’t have my birth certificate,” he continued.

“It’s not like they’ve seen me or my mom, or my grandma.

It’s a secret that they’ve kept for 20 years.”

Watch the video above to hear Stewart discuss his life in the Bebe home.

The ‘The BeBe Home’ theme song, “Don’t Look Back,” is a favorite of the show’s hosts.

Watch Stewart’s “Bebe Home” segment on “The View” above.