When will we see this?

The Big Ten is celebrating the return of football this weekend.

The league’s championship game will take place on Saturday, Oct. 27, and the first round of the College Football Playoff will begin the following Monday.

Here are a few of the coolest and most iconic of the Big Ten’s signature events.

The Big Ten ChampionshipGameThe Big 12 and the Big 12 Conference will play their first ever playoff game on Saturday.

The Big 12 will be hosting a Big 12 Championship in the Rose Bowl, while the Big 10 is hosting a BCS Championship game in the Cotton Bowl.

The Big 10 and Big 12 conferences will have to decide which one of them will be the first to host a playoff game in 2020.

The 2017 College Football Playoffs will be played on the last day of the season.

There will be three playoff games.

The winner will face off against the winner of the conference championship game in a playoff bowl.

The College Football Awards will be televised nationally on ESPN.

The ACC will have a College Football Championship game.

The ACC will be playing the 2017 National Championship Game against the University of Miami.

The Miami Hurricanes will be participating in the game, which will be hosted by the ACC.

The SEC and Big Ten will have their first College Football Finals.

The SEC will be holding a College Championship game, while Big Ten schools will be meeting in the College Championship.

The Pac-12 will host a College Championships game, as will the ACC, Big Ten and Big XII.

The Mountain West Conference will host its first College Championship contest.

The West Coast Conference will have its first Pac-10 Championship game played on Sept. 29.

The Pac-8 and Pac-11 will meet in the Pac-15 Championship.AFC PlayoffAFC West: Ohio State at Alabama, Clemson at Oklahoma, Oklahoma State at Florida, Alabama at Texas, Oklahoma at Notre Dame, Texas A&M at Oregon, LSU at Oregon State, LSU vs. Auburn, Georgia at Auburn, Ohio State vs. Florida StateAFC North: Alabama at LSU, Clemson vs. Ohio State, Oklahoma vs. Texas A & M, Auburn at Texas A, USC vs. Arizona, Washington at Washington State, TCU at Baylor, West Virginia at TCU, West vs. Alabama, Penn State at Michigan State, Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech, Wisconsin vs. Michigan, USC at UCLAAFC South: LSU at Alabama vs. Oklahoma, Florida State at Georgia, Auburn vs. Oregon, Alabama vs Texas A+M, TCU vs. Baylor, Ohio vs. Stanford, Texas vs. Wisconsin, Georgia vs. TCU, UCLA vs. USCAFC East: Ohio at Notre State, Auburn @ Georgia, Clemson @ Notre Dame , Michigan State at USC, Florida at Notre, Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State, Texas Tech at Oklahoma StateAway: Wisconsin at Michigan, Washington @ Georgia Tech, Florida vs. Penn State, Oregon vs. Utah, Stanford vs. Washington, Michigan vs. Nebraska, USC @ Arizona, Texas @ Arizona State, Washington vs. BYU, Oregon State vs OregonAFC Championship: Oklahoma vs Florida State, Alabama @ Oklahoma, LSU @ Alabama, Florida Tech @ Texas A-M, Oklahoma Tech @ Stanford, Auburn & TCU vs TCU, Clemson &amp.

Ohio vs USC, Washington State vs UCLA, Texas at USC.