Why we love our homes

The latest home decor trend: The big glass doors.

They make it easy to see what’s going on inside the home.

But they also add a touch of privacy, so that even when you’re not inside, you can’t hear the sounds of people talking.

If you like glass doors, the next time you go shopping, you should look for them.

“There’s so much beauty in glass,” says Dr. Prakash Srivastava, a professor at the Indian Institute of Science.

“It’s an architectural element of the house that is not visible to the naked eye.”

Glass doors make it easier to see the inside of your home.

Dr. Srivacasa, a member of the American Academy of Architecture, says that glass doors are the best way to preserve privacy in a house.

“If you have a lot of glass doors that are blocked off, the windows are going to look like they’re being torn apart by cats,” he says.

“This is not a good thing.”

And when it comes to privacy, not everyone likes glass.

The American College of Surgeons says that the use of glass is a health hazard, and recommends people avoid the use.

“The use of high-pitched, loud, and clear voices is a public health hazard,” the association writes in a website, noting that the sounds can disturb the peace of others.

“A sound that disturbs the peace and tranquility of others is a violation of the peace,” it adds.

A glass door does have some advantages, though.

When a door is locked, it can help prevent intruders from entering the home, and it makes it harder for the intruder to break in.

That means the door can be a little more secure when people have to be inside.

“I would be hesitant to say that the door is the only way,” says Jyoti Rangappa, who teaches interior design at New York University.

“But it does provide a lot more privacy.”

Dr. Rangppa says that a lot hinges on what you use it for.

If your home has a pool, a swimming pool, or a spa, a glass door could make it much more accessible.

If it’s a garden, a patio, or some sort of outdoor space, you could get by with a glass wall.

And if your home is just a little less formal, like a wedding reception, a metal or glass door might make it less accessible.

It all depends on your expectations, says Dr Rangpta.

“Some people think that a door with a raised glass window, or glass that looks like a door, would be more intimate and a little smaller,” she says.

But for most people, a simple glass door is still better than nothing.

“When people are doing their daily routines, they need to be able to have some privacy,” says Rangppas advice.

But if you think you’re the type of person who doesn’t like glass, or you’re in the market for something a little fancier, a traditional glass door may be the better choice.

For more about the health hazards of glass, see our recent article: What are the health risks of glass?