A home decor expert shows you how to make your home more fun

A few years ago, the world of home decor was a world of endless ideas, as it has been ever since the home decor craze took off.

Now, the trend is being reined in, thanks to a few simple rules: Buy only from reputable sources, choose a budget, and keep your spending in check.

Here are a few tips for decorating your home that will help you achieve the best results.1.

Make sure the house looks its best with a lot of sun.

“Sun is a beautiful and powerful thing, but it is not a necessity,” says Michelle Cavanaugh, a decorator who has been decorating her home since 1996.

“In fact, if you’re going to do anything that requires sun, it’s going to require lots of sun.”

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Get creative with your colors.

Color schemes are one of the most important things you can do to make a home look as inviting as possible.

If you’re planning on hanging all of your furnishings in a single color, or your ceiling is painted black and white, your room will look like a living room, not a bedroom.

To add color to your room, start by choosing a mix of colors that compliment each other.

For example, if your bedroom has a dark pink wall paint, go with a lighter, less intense color, such as a warm, muted orange.

You can also use bolder colors, such a gold, orange, or blue.

“I would definitely recommend using a lot more muted colors, like blue or brown, because those are the darkest colors,” says Cavanaugh.3.

Use a natural light source.

Many home decor shops have an extensive catalog of natural light sources, so you can get the most out of your room.

Cavanaugh suggests looking for natural light in your kitchen or bathroom, and then choosing a color that is “soft, warm, or cool.”

She also recommends choosing a light that reflects the same light that is hitting your windows, doors, or windowsill.4.

Consider a window sash.

A sash can be a great addition to a space with a small amount of decoration, because it creates a nice little focal point in your space.

For the home you’re designing, it may not be a huge deal to leave a small sash in the middle of your space, but for larger spaces, it can be handy.

If there is a window in your home, it should be a window that is easy to access without having to look at it.

For this reason, a sash is a good option to get started.

It’s simple to make and is easy for you to use.5.

Use fabric.

Not only will a fabric sash look more inviting, but the fabric can also reflect light to give a more inviting appearance.

“If you don’t have a sasquatch, you’re probably not going to be as warmly received as if you did,” says Lorna Boesch, a home decorator.

For a more in-depth guide to how to create a fabric Sash, visit the Home Designers guide to Fabric Sashes for more information.6.

Try using a contrasting color.

When designing a new room, it makes sense to go with contrasting colors to show off your new furniture.

For instance, if the room is made up of two different furniture styles, try using one color to create an ambiance and another color to emphasize the style.

If a new color is needed, such is the case with furniture, it is best to experiment with the colors.

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Check out the décor of your home.

Many of us decorators will go out of our way to put our own twist on our room.

When we’re in a rush, we’ll try to create something unique.

This is a great time to look through your home’s décor.

For that matter, you can also experiment with different materials and colors, so it’s best to do so with caution.

(Learn how to choose the perfect color for your room.)8.

Try adding a fireplace.

“Flue-cannon,” as it’s called, is a classic feature in modern home design.

While not a traditional design feature, it has become quite popular in recent years, especially in larger homes, and it can certainly add a little color to a room.

To create a fireplace, find an angle that will create a natural glow in the space.

Then, add a few feet of the wood or fabric you want to add a fireplace to.

To make the fireplace, cut out the wood and glue it to the fabric.

To turn it into a fireplace chimney, cut a hole in the wood with a fire poker and attach the wood to the chimney.

“You want it to look as natural as possible,” says Boesen.

“That means using a light