How a man who died in his sleep turned into a sculpture of himself

The man who passed away in his bed in a Texas hospital in June was buried under a giant, plastic statue of himself.

The statue was made by artist and model Johnathan Williams, who died a week after he made the statue, which has become a symbol of his struggles with mental illness.

Williams made the sculpture to honor his mother, whom he has not seen in months.

Williams said he wanted to show his mother’s grief over her death and his desire to be a better person.

The sculpture depicts Williams, his sister and their parents sitting at a table in a hospital room.

Williams told The Associated Press he started the project after his mother died and that he was unable to pay for the statue himself.

He made the first one in May, and he has since completed three more.

Williams’ work has been widely recognized by local and national artists.

The Austin American-Statesman named him one of the top 10 Texas artists in the world.