How to make your home more beautiful

How to take the perfect picture of your home?

Or perhaps your favourite TV shows?

How about taking a selfie?

You can use the iPhone and iPad to take these photos.

But the iPhone isn’t the only device that can do this.

There are plenty of other devices out there that can capture images. 

Here are the best iPhone and Mac apps to take photos of your homes. 


Photo Editor On your Mac, you can use Photo Editor to edit and share your photos.

It also lets you edit the photo, adding filters and more.


Instagram for Mac With Instagram, you’ll be able to post photos straight to your Facebook account, while using it to take snaps of your friends. 


Safari for Mac In Safari, you have access to a huge collection of apps to manage photos.


iPhoto For Mac You’ll be accessing your photos in the iPhoto app on your Mac.

You can also take and share photos directly to Instagram.


Youtube for Mac You can watch videos, music videos, and even video content using Youtube.


Spotify You can listen to your favourite music, podcasts, and playlists from Spotify, or use it to listen to a radio station.


CrazyPhoto You can take photos and share them to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


SnapChat You can have fun taking photos and snapping pictures with your friends using Snapchat.


Flipboard You can quickly share your favourite photos with others on Flipboard.


Flickr You can upload photos from Flickr to Flickr or other sites.


Shared Photo You can share your favorite photos on Instagram, Flickr, and using shared photo features.

12. You can see and edit your photos with, using the built-in photo tools, zoom and crop tools, and a number of editing options.


Facebook You can connect your Facebook accounts to Facebook and see how many likes, shares, and retweets you have from your friends and the world.


Kongregate Kongregate lets you search for, like, comment on, and post to Facebook posts, images, and videos.

15. You can stream video, audio, and photos from to Facebook.


Twitter You can follow and reply to tweets on Twitter from the Twitter app on the iPhone.


PhotoJungle PhotoJungle lets you view and edit photos, as well as share them with your family and friends.

18. StumbleUpon allows you to search for and share links to Facebook photos, videos, videos of other people, and other images.


Pinterest Pinterest allows you create, edit, and share images from the app, with sharing features including filters, color correction, and more, with the addition of a ‘Like’ button.


Foursquare Foursquares allows you share photos from the Foursqueres app, from your iPhone or iPad, and from other places.


Bing Foursq is the search engine for all things photo, video, and location.


Google Photos Google Photos allows you and up to four other people to search the internet using photos, video and other content.

23. Vimeo lets you upload videos and share it to YouTube. 

24. YouTube is your video and audio sharing destination.

It’s also the place to find YouTube videos. 

25. Tumblr allows you, like and comment on posts on your blog. 

26. Gmail lets you create and edit messages with your Gmail address.

27. Reddit is your place to share, reply to, and read up on Reddit. 

28. LinkedIn lets you connect with your network of friends.

It even lets you sign in to your LinkedIn profile. 

29. Slack lets you share, ask, and reply in a message, from the web browser, with your Twitter or LinkedIn profile link.


Apple Apple News lets you receive a message sent directly to your email inbox from a friend.

31. Microsoft lets you subscribe to email from your desktop, with links to subscribe to other sites and email newsletters.

32. lets you get a forecast from the National Weather Service, from, and with forecasts, news, and graphics.

33. Digg lets you post news and updates on your site. 

34. let you create a personal