How to make your own vintage Victorian home

Classic Victorian home decor is all about making the home look good.

So how do you get that vintage feel in your modern day decor?

Here are 10 tips.


Buy an old style wall decorator.

The original Victorian home was a space where people lived, worked and enjoyed their time.

The walls were built to look like the home of their day.

For this reason, it was very important to find a Victorian wall decorating specialist.


Choose the right decorators.

Some Victorian wall decoration specialists are more experienced than others, but they all have a common goal in mind.


Choose a vintage style.

The goal of the decorator is to make the house look as if it’s been owned by the home’s owner.


Find the right furniture.

Some furniture that’s traditional and timeless will suit the modern day design.


Choose an authentic decorating palette.

The decorator will look for old fashioned patterns, geometric shapes and textures.


Choose vintage-inspired colours.

Vintage decorating requires a different palette, so it is important to choose the right colours for your home.


Pick a vintage-style rug.

This is a classic decorating accessory that will make your home look like a vintage Victorian.


Choose your decorating style.

The decorator must have a specific skill set, such as decorating a Victorian, so they must be able to identify the style of the furniture and its function.


Choose fabrics and materials.

There are many ways to decorate a Victorian.

You can choose from old fashioned curtains, old fashioned flooring, vintage-styled curtains, vintage wood and even vintage paint.


Choose different colour options.

To get the most out of your Victorian decorating, you must have the right colour and texture for each of the items in your home and for your decorator to recognise it.