New York City’s Most Loved Gifts Are Home Decorations that Aren’t Just for the Home

A collection of homes that are simply the most loved by the people who live there.

They’re also the most expensive.

New York’s Big Lots, a retail and home improvement chain, has a top 10 list of the city’s most popular gifts.

They are: A pair of gold chain gloves, $3,000-$4,000 One pair of silver chains, $4,200-$5,000 Two pair of burgundy earrings, $5,300-$6,200 Two pairs of matching necklaces, $6,300-7,000 A gold necklace, $7,100-$8,000 Three pairs of gold rings, $8,300 or more Three sets of gold chains, plus one pair of chain gloves and two sets of earrings.

The collection of gift items in Big Lots includes a diamond-studded, gold chain, an elaborate set of chain-stuffed jewelry, a gold ring and necklace, a chain bracelet, gold earrings and earrings with diamonds, and gold chain shoes.

The chain shoes are a favorite, too, with a $3.6 million price tag.

A collection called the Goldie Collection is a collection of jewelry and other items from the Big Lots and a couple of other retailers, such as Tiffany and Gucci.

The Tiffany collection includes gold earring rings, a pair of diamond earrings valued at $3 million and a gold necklace.

A pair that looks like a gold ear ring with diamonds on it, $1.2 million.

Another Tiffany collection is the Diamond Jewelry Collection, with $1 million in gold chain jewelry.

The jewelry includes two diamond rings with a price tag of $1,200, a diamond ring and a pair earrings for $1 for the gold ear and $500 for the silver ear.

Tiffany also has a gold chain bracelet.

Tiffany is one of Big Lots’ top sellers of jewelry, which makes it even more of a bargain compared to the likes of Chanel, Versace, and Michael Kors.