Which one is your favorite American tradition?

Home decor statues are a popular and cherished way to add an Americana touch to any home.

Here’s a guide to the most iconic of them.1.

The American Flag statue by the Statue of Liberty in New York City.

The statue of Liberty was the first American flag that flew over the Capitol building.

The flag is now in the Capitol rotunda.2.

The U.S. flag on a building in Washington, D.C.3.

A man lights a candle in front of a Confederate battle flag in the lobby of the U. S. Capitol building in Richmond, Virginia, U. K.A. in 2016.4.

A statue of Abraham Lincoln is on display at the American Historical Society in Washington.5.

The USS Washington is a U.K.-flagged U. s Navy ship at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.6.

A U.N. peacekeeper stands in front a Confederate flag in front the U,S.

Capitol in Washington in March 2019.7.

A Confederate flag is displayed during a protest in front an exhibit of Confederate artifacts in Washington’s Lafayette Square in February 2018.8.

The Lincoln Memorial in Washington D. c., D. C. is covered in the remains of an 1866 fire that burned down the statue of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Washington on Feb. 27, 2018.9.

A woman holds a sign that reads “Stop Racism” at the site of a memorial to the Rev., Dr. Martin Chaney, on Febuary 27, 2019, in Washington.(Photo: Michael Robinson Chavez, AP)10.

A monument to U.s Confederate soldiers at the U-S Capitol in front Trump National Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida, U., in 2018.11.

A sign is displayed at the entrance of the Trump International Hotel in Washington with the words “NO PROBLEMS” in May 2018.12.

A white supremacist, a man in the U s military and an armed militia group gather on Capitol Hill in Washington during a rally by far-right activists against the “Muslim ban” in 2017.(Photo by Mark Wilson, Getty Images)13.

A mural of the Confederate battle flags in Washington by artist David Seaman.14.

A soldier carries a Confederate-flag flag during a march to the U ,S.

Supreme Court in Washington DC on March 5, 2017.(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)15.

A painting by the late artist David Choe depicting the life of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee at the National Civil War Museum in Charlottesville, Virginia.(Photo By Mike Theiler, Getty)16.

A portrait of U. of S. President Abraham Lincoln by artist William Bell (1871-1952) hangs on the wall of the Museum of Fine Arts at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.(Photo courtesy of the UNC Museum of Art)17.

A display of artifacts from the Civil War at the Museum, The Getty, in Los Angeles, California in May 2017.(Credit: Getty Images, Joe Raedle)18.

A bust of the Confederacy soldier Robert E Lee hangs in the center of a room in the National War Museum, Washington DC in March 2018.(AP/Seth Wenig)19.

A sculpture of Confederate General Robert E L Custer at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington state.(Photo via Flickr user Robert C. Bunch)20.

A plaque commemorating the 75th anniversary of the surrender of Confederate forces in South Carolina at the State Capitol in Columbia, South Carolina in 2016.(Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons user Joe H. Davis)21.

A banner with the name of Confederate general Robert E LeClaire hangs on a wall of a restaurant in the United States Capitol building, in front to the United Nations General Assembly in Washington city, Washington, in 2018.(Photo Courtesy of United States Senate)22.

The United States House of Representatives, which was named for a Confederate General who surrendered to U S forces in the Civil war.(Photo source: The Heritage Foundation)23.

A wall mural depicting Confederate General Henry Lee of Virginia during a memorial service in Washington at the Capitol in March 2017.(Getty Images)24.

A member of the Ku Klux Klan stands guard in front on a statue of Robert E Jackson in Washington before a rally of anti-Semitic and white supremacist groups on March 17, 2017.(Photo by Pete Marovich, Getty the United Kingdom)25.

A memorial to Robert E E Lee in the front of the Capitol on February 24, 2019.(AP photo by Kevin Dietsch)26.

A poster of the American flag flies on the dome of the United House of Parliament in the City of London, in Britain, in September 2017.(AFP/Getty Images/Jonathan Ernst)27.

A flag with the inscription “Our Flag, Our Freedom” is displayed in front, of the French Embassy in Washington to mark the one-year anniversary of Brexit in March