Why this home is a perfect fit for our kids

My home is full of memories.

I remember watching my dad take me to my first baseball game, when he was 8 years old.

My sister and I went to the park to play.

I got a pair of skates for my birthday.

My dad had a couple of baseball cards in his collection.

When we were in elementary school, we got our first pair of gloves.

I had a picture of my mom, and when she came home one day, she was just sitting on the couch with the pictures of her and my dad.

My mother would come home from work, take the kids to the mall, and go shopping.

And then she would leave the kids alone to play with her younger brother and her sister.

My brother was like, “Mommy, my mom is really going to get mad!”

I was like “What?”

He was like: “She’s going to come home, you know, she’s going crazy, she’ll kill me.”

It was like the most horrible experience in the world.

I still have that picture of him with the two of them.

And that was my home.

When I was younger, I had my parents over for Christmas, and they had the whole family over.

We’d sit around the kitchen table and have ice cream and eat our food.

It was a family tradition, and it was a great time.

Then my parents passed away, and my siblings and I all lived with my father.

We had a big backyard, and we had a little pond in the backyard.

I would go out on my own, and I would play in the pond.

And my brother would go on a fishing trip and catch something for dinner.

It would be like Christmas dinner.

So it was just this big, open backyard.

And it was filled with a lot of memories that were so beautiful.

My parents were the greatest, and the whole world would just be so happy and happy to see them.

My grandmother would say, “When will my grandpa come back?”

And she would always say, I wish you would go get him!

“I would ask, “Grandpa?

“And my grandma would say: “He’s in his house.

“And I would be really confused, because my grandma was always so wonderful, but I thought she had passed away.

I thought it was my grandpas last wish, so I didn’t want to go to his house.

So I never went back to my dad’s house.

I did go back to our grandmothers house, because it was so nice.

But then my dad was in his last days, and he said, “Well, I think I’m gonna take a hike with you guys.”

And he walked up to the gate and he jumped on a chair and climbed up on it and went off to hike with us.

He had his little black bear backpack with him, and that was like a life preserver.

He took us to the woods, and all of a sudden we heard the sound of a car.

I don’t know what that was, but we jumped off of the chair and ran toward it.

The car was driving really fast.

And he came down the hill.

He was yelling, “Where’s my dad?”

And I said, “‘Oh, he’s in the woods.”

He said, ‘Oh, I’ll get you.'”

So he took us all up to where he was, and there was a small clearing.

He said: “You’re going to have to get in your car.”

So we jumped into the car and we all went out into the woods.

And we got into the trees, and our dad was sitting in the back seat.

He looked at us and he was very concerned.

And as we all climbed in, he started yelling, and his voice was really low.

I can’t remember if it was his voice, or if he was trying to get me to come out with him.

And I was just, like, running to the front of the car.

So my dad looked at me, and then he looked back and he looked at my dad and he started crying.

And at that point, I was still in my car.

And there was no way he could have seen me.

And the car came back to a stop.

And when he saw that I was okay, he said: [exhales] “Well.

I guess we’re going back to your house.”

I was, like: [shocked] “No.

I’m not going back.

My grandma will kill me!”

And I told him I was going back, and as soon as I said that, he just sat there crying and holding my hand.

He started sobbing, and started screaming.

He told me, “You have to go home.

You have to do what’s right.

You don’t have to be afraid.”

I said: “[exhaled] “Oh, my God.

“And my dad told me he was just going to go back, so