Which color is best?

The question has vexed home decor experts for years.

A number of studies have shown that color is a good indicator of decor.

But there’s one study, conducted by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, that shows that colors that look like reds and yellows don’t stand out against the backdrop of a room.

And the majority of people who purchase a house of many colors say they’ll find a color that suits the room.

The study looked at 1,200 homeowners in six states who chose to purchase a home of different colors.

The people who were surveyed said they were more likely to prefer a dark room with darker walls, and they were also more likely than those who chose reds to prefer white.

This is the first study to compare home color choices and results from a nationwide survey, so we can’t say definitively that reds will win this contest, but it does indicate that the majority prefers a color with a lighter, less vibrant, and more muted color palette.

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