Which is the best Halloween costume for your home?

A new report from home decor and interior design site The Next Home found that the most affordable Halloween costumes for most buyers are the classic “classic” styles that look like traditional American homes.

The top three categories of costumes were: classic American style (including white and brown), modern American style, and contemporary American style.

For example, the Modern American style comes in two versions, a “classic,” and “modern,” but all three are still affordable.

“The classic is the most versatile and stylish, while the modern style is most comfortable and the contemporary style is best suited for younger generations,” said The Next home decor’s chief executive, Scott Gee.

Gee added that the average home decor buyer needs to make an effort to find a good costume.

“Halloween is a time when people want to feel their best, but it’s also a time where they want to spend money on the most expensive things,” he said.

“People are spending more than ever on Halloween costumes, and while it’s not always the most fashionable, it’s definitely the most luxurious.”

Halloween costume trends for 2016The report revealed that the two most popular Halloween costumes were the classic American and the modern American.

The report found that, in the last year, the most popular styles of costume went from a classic style to a modern style and back again.

Gees said that there is a growing trend of people getting more creative with their costumes, from the traditional, traditional American to contemporary American.

“It’s important to remember that Halloween is not about getting in a white coat, and we should not be afraid to wear a costume we don’t necessarily feel is right for us,” he added.

“It’s more about being comfortable and having fun and expressing yourself.”

“The traditional American costume is a classic American home decor item, and the Modern America style is more contemporary and stylish.

It’s great for the holiday season.”

In addition to the most recent Halloween costumes from the report, Gee also released his favorite Halloween costumes.

The most popular, he said, are the white and black-colored traditional American style and the classic European style.

The second most popular costume was the modern European style, but Gee said there was also a lot of “candy” costumes in the mix.

“I love the holiday costumes, but there’s so much more to Halloween than just a costume,” he told The Next.

“If you want to celebrate Halloween in a way that’s fun and entertaining, a costume can make the day.”

The Next Home is currently running a competition called Halloween Costume Contest to see which Halloween costume is the favorite.

If you are thinking about buying a costume, head over to their website to submit your costume.