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The Irish Examiner’s online edition of the Irish Times, now online in English and French, is the first of its kind.

It is the latest in an ongoing series of publications in which The Irish Press publishes articles by independent writers, often in English, that explore a subject of significant public interest.

The newspaper’s digital edition, which is now available on the Irish Examiner app, was launched in August 2017, with The Irish Independent and the Sunday Times among the first publications to feature the digital edition.

The Irish Examiner is a news and information portal of the Independent Irish News Group.

It provides independent, authoritative news and current affairs reporting and analysis, in Irish and international languages, on a wide range of Irish and European issues.

The Independent Irish Times was launched on August 29, 2017.

The Independent Irish Press was launched to help support the Independent, an independent, national, public interest news organisation, which offers a range of independent journalism in the English language.

In 2019, the paper was purchased by News Corporation, with the intention of making the Independent Ireland the flagship news and opinion site for the UK and Ireland.