Home decor store for $50,000 and up

Home decor retailer Rose Gold has launched its own line of home decor products.

The new line includes a range of home decoration items for $25,000, including a range with gold-plated glass and metal accents, plus a range that has a variety of glass and wood accents.

The new Rose Gold line includes items that are designed to be personalized to the owner’s individual taste.

The items include a range called Rose Gold Gifts for a special guest or a special occasion, as well as a range for people who want to get the full experience, according to Rose Gold.

Rose Gold’s products are available in both men’s and women’s sizes, with a range available in men’s sizes and a range in women’s size for a variety options, according for the Rose Gold website.

The company has been selling Rose Gold products since 2011, when the company was founded by the same family, according the company.

The company currently has about 1,500 stores worldwide.