How to turn your house into a home decor store

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What you’ll need:Tools:Step 1.

Determine which type of door you want to put your door in.

For example, you could put a door in the front or the back.

Step 2.

Find the right size for the door and then measure the distance between the door handles and the door frame.

Step 3.

Find where the door’s hinges are and adjust the screws.

Step 4.

Cut out your door’s handles.

Step 5.

Take the door, attach the handles, and trim the door.

Step 6.

Cut the door in half, and cut the other half out to make it easier to mount the handles on.

Step 7.

Attach the handles to the bottom of the doorframe.

Step 8.

Add your door.

You’ll need to cut the door for the second time, but this time make sure to mark where you want the door to hang on the wall.

Step 9.

Mount the handles onto the door using the screws that came with the door or screw them on the door itself.

Step 10.

Remove the handles from the doorframes and cut out the door frames to make the door easier to attach.

Step 11.

Attaching the doorStep 12.

Attachment and trimStep 13.

Attached to the doorstep 14.

Attachable with screwsStep 15.

AttACHING the door:Attach the handles and screws to the sides of the house using the screw on the bottom, the screw that comes with the house, or the screws from the screws you got.